Fast-track traineeship programme providing workplace and sector skills to young people

JumpStartTM is an 8-14 week accelerator programme designed to teach you the critical workplace skills that will ensure you are either employer ready or have the requisite foundation knowledge to start an apprenticeship.

Our expert Employer Engagement team will also secure you a specialist work placement, based on your employment goals, that will give you the essential experience to start your career journey.

What each learner gains from the programme is, however, largely down to their own commitment and determination.

We will provide the tools and support, but it is you who must use them to achieve your goals.

Learner Pathway

Each learner’s career path is different, with unique challenges and opportunities, but how you start your journey will play a key role in your eventual destination.

Our programme is broken into simple key stages that will provide a solid foundation for each learner to progress on their own path.

5 Steps to Success

Who is the programme for?

Next Steps

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