Supporting your workforce with
high calibre young people

We believe that any business is only as good as its people and therefore investing into their training and development is the most effective way to deliver sustainable, long-term growth.

Our mission is to empower and develop young people whilst creating long term opportunities, not just for the individual, but for the employer too.

Novo’s training programmes have been designed by industry professionals to give young people the requisite skills to succeed in the workplace and achieve their potential.

A traineeship is designed to give young people, and employers, the opportunity to see whether a given role or career is the right path before embarking on an apprenticeship. The individual also develops their skills and workplace knowledge.

Our fast-track traineeship combines 1 month in classroom with our skilled tutors, then up to 2 months in the workplace with a relevant employer.

So what are the benefits to the employer?

  1. We source motivated young people for your business who are eager to learn and prove their capabilities.
  2. You will be supporting young people in the community through giving them a chance to shine
  3. There is zero cost to the employer, it is a true win-win all round!

We currently have a number of ambitious candidates on our traineeship seeking a work placement. If you can help them, and want to discover some future stars for your team, please get in touch below today.

Our dedicated Employer Engagement team will seek to understand your organisation so we can tailor our training programmes to meet the future needs of your workforce. For further information on our training solution, which are typically fully funded, please fill in the enquiry form and our expert team will be in touch.