Traineeships: All you need to know

Given the perpetual carousel of economic doom and gloom circulating our newsfeeds, it would be reasonable to assume that the labour market would be squeezed of opportunities; the opposite however, is in fact true. Businesses across the UK are struggling to recruit good candidates in all areas of their operations – it is a true employees market!

The Government’s often overlooked and little known ‘traineeship’ scheme, whilst not the silver bullet to solving the staffing and skills shortage, is a fantastic channel to support your organisation’s recruitment strategy through offering a traineeship programme that nurtures and develops young talent.

Unlike its older sibling, apprenticeships, there are many businesses who are either not aware of traineeships or have limited knowledge of how they work. This is a real shame as, if implemented correctly, they can offer a number of benefits to employers including making their existing apprenticeship scheme more effective.

Described in the link below is all you need to know about traineeships.

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