Pavilion ensures no learner gets left behind

As a leading provider of employability and progression training for young people, our aim is to ensure every learner that starts a traineeship with us leaves with a positive outcome; by either moving onto a certified apprenticeship scheme or full-time employment.

Throughout the 8-12 week programme, our goal is to provide a solid path for each learner to progress on their own path. We will ensure that all lessons are tailored to each individual learner’s ability in order to ensure that everyone, irrespective of ability, makes progress within the sessions.

That’s where Bloom’s Taxonomy comes in… this model helps our Skills Coaches access and identify what level of learning each student is capable of. This structure also ensures that our lessons are directly focused on our key objectives, which are “What you have learned?” and “Why you are doing this?”.

The first two stages of the pyramid (Understand & Remember) recognise the ability to recall and explain facts or basic concepts that have been taught in the session.

For example: “What does CV stand for?”

The next two stages of the model (Apply & Analyse) identify the ability to use the information learned and apply it to new situations and draw connections among these ideas.

For example: “How does a CV help improve your career?”

Finally, the last two stages (Evaluate & Create) access the ability to justify a stance/position and produce original work based on this knowledge.

For example: “Design and create your own original CV”

It is vital to highlight that it doesn’t matter where a learner falls on this pyramid, the only thing that is important is that everyone is moving forward and taking the necessary steps to learn and achieve.

Alongside this, we have also devised a simple scaffolding structure that accesses a learner’s skills and capabilities. This is so that when you move on to your work placement in your desired industry sector, we can provide the employer with a brief overview of your capabilities and strengths, which will be reviewed throughout the programme. This will help the employer shape your roles and responsibilities and ultimately give you the best possible outcome, ensuring you get the most out of the course.

We’re here to help! If you are 16-24 year old who needs a little extra support in either making the first steps into employment or even what career path to pursue, then please get in touch today.