Employer Case studies

Shakespeare Primary School

We recently spoke to Philippa Fellows, School Business Manager at Shakespeare Primary School to see how one of our trainees, Georgia Bidle, performed on her work placement.

This ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted school is committed to meeting the individual needs of every child whilst also creating a happy secure environment.

Read our Employer case study below to find out more about this success story.

What interested you about the JumpStart Traineeship Programme?

Shakespeare Primary School entered into the Traineeship Programme due to being contacted by a member of the Novo team. We hoped by being part of the Programme we would be able to provide work experience of a school environment to someone who is interested in furthering their education in this field of work.

How has our Trainee positively impacted your school and team?

Georgia was a valuable addition to all the classrooms where she was placed and assisted in group work as directed by the class teachers.

Has Georgia developed professionally and personally over the course of the Traineeship?

There was a visible change in Georgia’s confidence over the time she spent with us here at Shakespeare Primary School. Initially, she was very quiet and a little nervous but over the course of her work placement she became confident with both the children and staff members.

How do you think a work placement helps young people kickstart their careers?

Providing a work placement helps young people get a real feel for the work environment they are thinking they would like to work in.  Additionally, they are able to gain valuable experience which really boosts self-confidence and can be referenced in their CV for future job applications.

What advice would you give to an employer who is unsure about Traineeships?

Providing career opportunities to young people can be a valuable experience that not only boosts the workforce but also shows stakeholders that we are committed to both staff development and community engagement.

Would you recommend Pavilion Training to other employers and if so, why?

Novo Training has provided the learner with all the necessary documents for her to complete her work placement within the school. The Learner Support team has also communicated regularly regarding the trainee’s progress and ensured the Health and Safety needs have been met throughout.