What is a Traineeship?

A traineeship is a skills development programme that incorporates work experience, preparing young people for their future careers and helping them become ‘work ready’.

Designed for people aged 16-24 a traineeship is a great way to build your CV, help you to learn the essential skills employer require for your desired sector and set you on the right path to secure an apprenticeship or employment.

Work Preparation 

Pavilion Training will give you the skills and confidence needed for the first step in your career. You’ll go to workshops to help you write a CV, cover letters, application forms and prepare for interviews.

Employability Skills 

Employers are at the heart of traineeships, so they focus on your skills and future success in employment by shaping your knowledge and practical experience in the workplace.

Maths & English Functional Skills

If required, we can develop your Maths or English functional skills, which are essential for the workplace and boost your job prospects, long-term career progression and earning potential.

Work Experience

You’re guaranteed 70 hours of high-quality work experience in your desired industry sector. At the end of the programme you will also have an exit interview with your mentor, who can provide a glowing reference for future job applications moving forward.

Enhanced CV

All of the above transferable skills and practical experience will build your CV ready for you to succeed in the world of work.

For further information on our traineeships, contact us today and our expert team will be happy to explain how they can benefit you and your career.