Why You Should Invest in a Trainee

Traineeships are something you may have heard of but don’t really know much about. A traineeship is often referred to as a ‘pre-apprenticeship’; it is a stepping stone for 16-24-year-olds to develop their fundamental skills, complete a minimum of six weeks of work experience in a specific industry sector and secure an apprenticeship or employment.

At Pavilion Training, we believe injecting your workforce with young, upcoming talent is essential for business growth and success. Below we have highlighted why investing in trainees should be at the top of your priority list when planning for your organisation’s future.

Reduce costs

Traineeships are free to businesses. As a government-funded programme, a traineeship offers employers an extra set of hands for no additional cost. Employers may, however, wish to support their trainees by paying their expenses.

A traineeship also helps combat unwanted recruitment costs; not only does the recruitment process cost time and money, but the training of young talent can also be expensive. Traineeships ensure young people can be brought into the business without extra costs.

Develop young talent

Traineeships provide the opportunity to bring young, talented people into businesses. If the trainee is a good fit for a business, they can choose to take them on as an apprentice or in an entry-level role.


As traineeships usually operate on a part-time basis, our programmes can run at times that suit both the business and the trainee.

Mentoring Opportunities

Traineeships provide the perfect opportunity to upskill existing employees with a mentoring role. Guiding trainees can help staff develop their management and interpersonal skills whilst motivating staff and creating a real sense of community. In turn, this can help raise morale, engagement and productivity within a business.

For more information, advice and guidance on how your business could benefit from young talent, contact us today.